Why the Diversity Scholars Loved MongoDB World

Danielle James


Hi MongoDB Community Members!

Thinking about applying for a Diversity Scholarship for MongoDB World? You should! As a recipient, you get complimentary admission to the biggest, most fun gathering of the MongoDB community, but that’s not all. The full award includes:

  • Complimentary admission to a pre-conference workshop of your choice
  • Invitation to two lunch sessions with other Scholars
  • Speed mentoring with MongoDB speakers at the event
  • A MongoDB certification voucher
  • Three-month access to on-demand MongoDB University courses
  • Lifelong membership in the online MongoDB Diversity Scholars community
  • A feature in a blog post

Attending MongoDB World 2017 on a Diversity Scholarship has benefits that reach far beyond the award package. But don’t take my word for it! See what the MongoDB World 2016 Diversity Scholars found most valuable about attending the conference:

Jeffrey Derose, Founder, JD Web Services - Staten Island, NY

“MongoDB World was a great experience. I really enjoyed meeting all the talented people at the event. So many people from different walk of life – it was a great learning experience and great for networking. I enjoyed the startup showcase the most. Learning about all the different ways that people are using MongoDB and how it's helping their businesses and products was great. The after party was fun as well. It's nice to know the people at MongoDB know how to party, as well as build amazing technology.”

Lina Lora, Software Engineer - Colombia

“My favorite part of MongoDB World was the pre-conference workshop because you get to practice, learn from an expert, and ask him questions. Also networking and listening to the knowledgeable speakers at the sessions was a very interesting experience.”

Mwai Karimi, Junior Software Developer at SSGC - Swindon, UK

“My favorite part of the conference was interacting with the fellow scholarship recipients and also engaging with the women who were representing at the Women and Trans Coders lounge. I left feeling motivated and encouraged. Moreover, the keynote sessions were really impressive. I learned a lot.”

Carol Gonzalez, Adjunct Professor at Lehman College - Bronx, NY

“Learning different ways to solve problems from the MongoDB engineers, and seeing how other companies implemented MongoDB in their growing businesses was an eye opener. It’s rare to find women who have a passion for coding, but in the Women and Trans Coders Lounge I had the pleasure to meet many women who I felt a connection with. And the after party was a great way to unwind with great music and food, and make great networking connections. All of this made MongoDB World an extremely valuable learning experience.”

May Mascenik, Engineer/Program Manager at ITP - Los Angeles, CA

“Every single staff member I met at MongoDB World was so kind, friendly, and open-minded. I left the conference feeling encouraged to implement my ideas with MongoDB. I highly recommend attending MongoDB World!”

Krystal Flores, Data Services Engineer at Twine Data - Los Angeles, CA

“The MongoDB World 2016 Diversity Scholars cohort consisted of 4/10 Latina programmers. This is the biggest percentage of Latinxs in tech I have ever seen. My favorite session was Baidu’s: they have massive data sets and are working directly with MongoDB to improve the future of the database's capabilities with large data including ideographic languages.”

Sabber Ahamed, Graduate Research Assistant at CERI - Memphis, TN

“My favorite part of the MongoDB world was Ask the Experts. This is where I got great ideas for my work. I also loved meeting the other MongoDB Diversity Scholarship recipients. They are simply awesome. I wish to see them again.”

The deadline for the MongoDB World 2017 Diversity Scholarship is March 31, 2017. Apply today to make sure you’re considered for the award.

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