Why Last Year’s Attendees are Coming Back to MongoDB World

Allie Tsuchiya


We could fill up an entire database with reasons to join us at MongoDB World. But don’t just take our word for it. Read about attendees’ experiences at MongoDB World 2016 and find out why they’re joining us again this year on June 20-21 in Chicago.

Explore 80+ sessions and learn from the experts

“The "Ask an Expert" booth was informative and the engineer walked me through several different possible solutions to an issue we were having at work.”
-- Doug Duncan, Database Administrator

“The best lecture I've been to is the Building WiredTiger session. I loved getting to know the internal staff and the decisions made behind the scenes.”
-- Dror Asaf, Big Data Developer

Connect with community members

“My favorite part about #MDBW16 was meeting and interacting with peers in the community. Go for the learning, but take advantage of the spontaneous opportunities that are presented through personal connections!”
-- William Finch, Sr Database Manager

“Being from Montana, it was the first time I'd ever met anyone else that uses MongoDB in person. It was completely surreal to be surrounded by a room full of people that do what I do, more or less.”
-- Joshua Lawrence Austill, Software Engineer

Learn best practices

“I definitely have more ‘action items’ after this conference than other conferences that I attend because there's so much I want to check in to, read up on, or just learn more about after. I can't wait for this year's edition and hope to meet more of the community!”
-- Michael Grayson, Sr Oracle/MongoDB/MySQL Database Administrator

Join the fastest-growing database community at MongoDB World 2017 to get the tools you need to build and deploy your giant ideas.

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