Want Ops Manager updates faster? Introducing Rapid Releases!

Robert Walters

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Introducing MongoDB Ops Manager “Rapid Release"

Starting January 2019, a new version of Ops Manager will be released every 3 weeks in-line with the MongoDB Cloud product release schedule! This “Rapid Release” version will contain new features and all the latest improvements in Ops Manager. This version adopts a new Support lifecycle which is defined as support until the next major Stable Release, plus 4 additional weeks to allow for upgrade support.

It is important to note that this is not a replacement for the current Ops Manager version releases. Rather it is in addition to the existing release schedule.

You can use Rapid Releases in your staging/development environments any way you want. It's a great way to evaluate the latest features and enhancements. To use Rapid Releases in production environments, you need to have a readiness review with a MongoDB Support representative. This review is simply a conversation for you to understand the procedures of upgrade and highlight some Rapid Release operational requirements. Reach out to your MongoDB account manager or support contact to schedule a readiness review.

For more information about the Ops Manager support policy see Ops Manager Rapid Release Support Policy.