The AWS Refresher: Lambda, Kinesis, Step Functions & more

With the next AWS Summit just around the corner (literally and figuratively), we thought we’d recap some of our favorite AWS-related tutorials.

1. Using Kinesis for high-volume data streaming:

This post was written in the run-up to AWS re:Invent last year but it’s still very useful for understanding how AWS Kinesis allows for efficient data ingestion. In this post, we walk you through initiating a sensor data stream with Kinesis and storing that data in a MongoDB Atlas cluster.

2. Building Alexa skills in the Amazon Developer Console:

Part of our series on the modern app stack (MEAN & MERN), this blog shows how to create various user experiences beyond the traditional web app. Since this is an AWS-themed recap, we’ve included this post for the section where we demonstrate how to build an Alexa skill for your app through the Amazon Developer Console.

3. Using Lambda functions to build a Facebook Chatbot:

The advantages of “serverless” functions becomes apparent in this post as we walk you through how to build a Facebook Messenger bot that automatically responds to user-provided city names with weather data fetched from the Yahoo API. Rather than worrying about setting up an app server, you run all of the logic required to process the user request and return the correct response is run on Lambda.

4. Creating Service API Workflows with AWS Step Functions:

AWS introduced Step Functions in late-2016 as a way to trigger multiple functions or service interactions in a particular order using intuitive visual “workflows.” In this post, we test drive this functionality by using Step Functions to orchestrate Twilio and SES calls from a simple restaurant aggregator app.

MongoDB Stitch (currently in beta) provides an alternative approach to orchestrating functions. In addition to providing a REST-like API to MongoDB, Stitch's multi-stage service pipelines allow each stage to act on the data before passing its results on to the next.

5. Optimizing Lambda Performance:

For the advanced serverless developer, this tutorial dives into the nitty gritty of optimizing Lambda functions for performance. While Lambda functions aren’t known for being the snappiest way to complete a task, there are tweaks you can make in order to reduce latency.

We hope you enjoyed this brief foray into our blog archives and we hope to see you next week at AWS Summit NYC! The MongoDB team will be there all day to answer questions, give out shirts, and talk shop with the AWS community. If you’re not registered yet, you can get your ticket to this free event here.