Quick Start 📽️ Video: Node.js & MongoDB - The CRUD Operations

Lauren Schaefer

Quick Start Node.js and MongoDB

If you’re using Node.js and want to learn how to quickly get started using MongoDB, I’ve created the video for you! Follow along in your favorite code editor and you’ll discover the following:

  • How to connect to a MongoDB database hosted on MongoDB Atlas from inside of a Node.js script (00:40)
  • How MongoDB stores data in documents and collections (instead of rows and tables) (08:51)
  • How to create documents using insertOne() and insertMany() (11:01)
  • How to read documents using findOne() and find() (20:04)
  • How to update documents using updateOne() with and without upsert as well as updateMany() (31:13)
  • How to delete documents using deleteOne() and deleteMany() (46:07)

Note: in the video, I type main().catch(console.err);, which is incorrect. Instead, I should have typed main().catch(console.error);.

If you prefer text-based tutorials, start with the first post in this series. A complete list of all posts in this series is included at the bottom of each post (including this one!).

Below are the links I mentioned in the video.

Try it out and let me know what you think! What video do you want to see next?

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