MongoDB Compatibility With Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux

Alexandre Ettouati

At MongoDB, our mission is to help innovators unleash the power of software and data. To do that, we know that users expect to be able to deploy MongoDB on industry-standard operating systems. To that end, MongoDB now officially supports MongoDB products on AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux.

At the end of 2021, Red Hat shifted CentOS from being a downstream, enterprise-stable, production-ready operating system to an upstream source of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). As stated by CentOS, its new operating system, CentOS Stream, will serve as the development branch of RHEL. With this news, many organizations faced the decision between continuing to use CentOS Stream or switching to a different distribution. With this potential market need, two new players emerged: Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux.

Both Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux have one-to-one compatibility with RHEL 8.x and promise to maintain compatibility with future RHEL versions. With this compatibility, users will be able to download and run the MongoDB RHEL binaries on Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux. We have completed testing to ensure the RHEL binaries work on AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux. For more information, please visit our Platform Support and Installation documentation.

To get started downloading MongoDB on Rocky or Alma, visit our download center.