MongoDB Compass is becoming more open than ever

Massimiliano Marcon


MongoDB Compass is the official GUI for MongoDB and as of today it’s more open than ever. With the beta release of Compass 1.20, we are opening up the code with all the repositories being made public under the SSPL and we are making it free for all users.

Starting today, in addition to being able to create your own plugins to support new functionality and capabilities that are not already built in, you will also be able to inspect all the code to understand how Compass works and, if you’d like, contribute to the project.

This latest version of Compass also includes some great new features and improvements that make Compass even more useful and easier to use.

When you open Compass 1.20, you’ll notice that we’ve completely redesigned the connection experience. The new connection screen is much simpler and allows you to paste in a connection string directly. If you need more advanced connection options, you still have the ability to fill in the connection details individually.

The New Connections Experience

It doesn’t stop there. In Compass 1.20, you can now view, create, and edit your documents directly in JSON. If you have raw JSON objects, e.g. responses from API calls, you can simply add them as documents to a collection by copy-pasting them into Compass.

Inserting JSON with Compass

We also added one other small feature that users who work a lot with UUID fields will certainly like: fields that contain UUIDs are now displayed as UUID(...) in the Documents view and in the Aggregation Pipeline Builder. More importantly, it’s now possible to query by UUID.

UUIDs made easy

Is there anything else you’d like to see in Compass? Let us know by submitting suggestions at The future for Compass is open!