MongoDB and AXA France: Creating a Connected Homes Project

Mat Keep

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a transformative technology, touching all of our lives – in the workplace, in the gym, on the road, and in so many other places and contexts. But it’s in the home where the IoT is making some of its largest strides.

The concept of the smart, connected home is revolutionizing how we protect our families and most valuable personal assets – whether it’s from intruders, from fires and floods, through to environmental controls. Insurance companies have been quick to identify the opportunity smart homes present to them, and to their customers. By providing an “IoT Hub”, insurers can aggregate sensor data from multiple devices in the home to allow their customers complete control to defend, protect and monitor their families and property from a single user interface.

At this year’s MongoDB World customer conference, AXA France developers Guillaume Chervet and Vincent Gillot presented their connected homes project, built on MongoDB, node.js and the cloud. In their presentation, they discuss: - How they optimized schema design through multiple iterations to most efficiently represent customers, sensor data, and notifications - How they consume, process and alert against sensor events emitted within the same millisecond from multiple devices in a single connected home - How they use the MongoDB aggregation pipeline to analyse and report against sensor data. - How the move to MongoDB 3.2 has allowed them to simplify their application code. By taking advantage of new features such as document validation they are able to enforce structure over their IoT events schema; and the $lookup aggregation operator allows the team to JOIN data from multiple collections for richer analytics

Guillaume and Vincent shared how the development team had come from SQL Server and Oracle database backgrounds before working with MongoDB on this project. Selected quotes from the team included:

MongoDB is really easy to install, to configure. Its immediate ease of use impressed me.

Developing new features in agile with sprint modes is easier with a NoSQL database than with a relational database.

Querying system is rich, manipulating data in JSON becomes intuitive, and my algorithms are simpler!

View the slides to learn more about AXA’s connected home project with MongoDB

Download our IoT & Big Data whitepaper, co-authored with Bosch Software Innovations to learn more about the challenges presented by managing IoT data.

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