Lower MMS Backup Prices -- Backing Up MongoDB Now Easier and More Affordable

November 19, 2013 by Meghan Gill | Comments

Protecting your mission critical MongoDB data has never been easier or more affordable. MongoDB Management Service (MMS) provides continuous, online backup with point-in-time recovery of replica sets and consistent snapshots of sharded clusters with limited performance impact. The service is designed and managed by the team that created MongoDB, so you can rest assured that you always have a reliable backup.

Lower MMS Backup Prices

We are pleased to announce that we are reducing prices for MMS Backup and simplifying the cost structure. Under the new prices, we expect that most customers will see a cost reduction of about half (some more, some less). Here are the new prices:

New Prices: $1/GB for oplog processing + $0.08/GB/month for snapshot storage = your monthly total

Old Prices: $2/GB for oplog processing + $.01/GB for snapshot creation + $0.08/GB/month for snapshot storage = your monthly total

We’ve eliminated the snapshot creation fee to simplify billing. We’ll also continue to offer a free tier to those with a monthly bill of less than $5 in their first 12 months of using the service. Here are some sample prices:

We will strive to continually lower pricing as we achieve cost savings in delivering the service. Thanks to the MMS users who provided us with valuable feedback as we reviewed the pricing structure for this service.

Estimating Your Costs and Getting Started

Curious how much backing up MongoDB with MMS will cost you?

Create a free MMS account and install MMS Monitoring on your deployment if you haven't done so already.
Visit the Backup page within the MMS app. At the bottom of the page you will see a pricing calculator that will estimate your monthly cost.
From the Backup page, you can get started with the service
Should you have any questions about MMS Backup, feel free to contact us or comment on this post.

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