Don't miss out on MongoDB.local Chicago

Nancy Monaghan


It's your bridge to the future of MongoDB as Chicago becomes the latest city to host a MongoDB local event. MongoDB.local Chicago is on Tuesday, October 29th and will see the Sheraton Grand Chicago become the hub of MongoDB activity in the city as the MongoDB team arrive to spend the whole day announcing, teaching, demonstrating and expanding on all the technology MongoDB has to offer.

The highlight of the day will be Grigori Melnik, VP of Products, Server and Enterprise Tools at MongoDB, showing everything that's new for the modern application developer in MongoDB with demonstrations of new powerful search features like Atlas Full Text Search and visually engaging and informative tools such as MongoDB Charts.

A Packed Morning of learning

The day begins long before then with three Jumpstart sessions to get you up to speed on MongoDB Atlas's fully managed MongoDB services, Atlas security for developers and help for those moving from legacy relational databases to NoSQL on MongoDB. There's also sessions on data exploration with MongoDB Charts, real customer sessions on their journey from relational to MongoDB Atlas and the latest on Autoscaling in Atlas. IBM is going to be there too, showing how they've scaled MongoDB on their LinuxOne platform ... and that's just the morning sessions!

Afternoon Delights and New Features Explained

The afternoon is also packed with talks on data backup and recovery, distributed transactions, REST-less mobile Apps with Realm, data modelling for performance, customer talks about how MongoDB has boosted their business processes and a look at using MongoDB for time series data.

Then we're into sessions on new MongoDB features. Learn about how the Atlas Full-Text Search service works in practice, find out how to use Client Side Field Encryption in MongoDB 4.2, find out how the aggregation pipeline powers up queries, updates and materialized views, and find out more about the latest component of the MongoDB platform - Atlas Data Lake.

And along side those sessions, you can also learn how to enhance your querying and indexing skills, model your data methodically and learn how to bring blockchain and MongoDB together.

There's more

Check out the full schedule for the day. As with all MongoDB.local events, you can sign up for a 20 minute consultation with a MongoDB expert at the appropriately named Ask the Experts stand. There'll also be a sponsor area where you can meet with this MongoDB.local's sponsors, IBM, Townsend Security, Datavail and InfoSys. And the day wraps up with a closing reception for that extra chance to network with your peers.

Convinced you should be there? Let us sweeten the deal - register for MongoDB.local Chicago with the code WINDY and get 25% off your pass. That's a whole day of MongoDB learning and networking and 25% off; you won't get a better deal than that.