10 Things You Didn’t Know About MMS

Meghan Gill

Editor's note: This post was edited on June 23, 2015 to reflect the change from MongoDB Management Service to MongoDB Cloud Manager. Learn more here.

Whether you are new to MongoDB Cloud Manager or an experienced user, there are probably some features that you may not have explored. Here are a few MMS tips, tricks and new features to help you get the most out of MMS.

10. Highlight Chart to Zoom In; Double Click to Reset

Get a closer look at any chart by highlighting the section of the chart data that you want to view. You can highlight horizontally or vertically to zoom in. To reset your view, double click on the graph.

9. Read only users

This is a recent addition to the Cloud Manager feature set. You can now create users with read only access to your Cloud Manager group.

8. Database versions turn red when you need to upgrade

On an older version of MongoDB or one of the agents? Cloud Manager will let you know that you’re not running the most up-to-date version by making your MongoDB or agent version number red.

7. Munin plugin

Cloud Manager provides support for collecting and charting hardware statistics collected with Munin by installing the munin-node package.

6. Profiler Data

You can enable transmission of database profiling results to Cloud Manager by clicking the clock icon on the Hosts page.

5. Exclude collections from your backup

You can tune your backup costs by excluding non-critical databases and collections from your backup. Click on the pencil icon next to the name of your replica set and enter the names of the databases or collections that you wish to exclude.

4. Custom Alerts via Email or SMS

You can set up alerts around custom metrics (e.g. lock percent above 30% or replication lag greater than 240 seconds) and have them delivered via email or text message. You can also set the delivery requirements (e.g. send every 20 minutes or delay 5 minutes).

3. Export or Share Charts

There are lots of ways to export data to share with the members of your team: You can create a permalink, email the chart, or export to PDF or PNG.

2. Backup Pricing Calculator

If you haven’t decided whether to use Cloud Manager Backup and want to get an idea of what your costs might be, you can use the pricing calculator to estimate a monthly price. Not seeing all of your replica sets? Click on the “Estimate Costs” button for a full calculator.

1. Monitoring is Free

Monitoring with Cloud Manager is completely free. You’re minutes away from seeing the performance of your MongoDB cluster. Get started at cloud.mongodb.com.