Webinar: Best Practices for Evaluating MongoDB

Webinar: Best Practices for Evaluating MongoDB

Wednesday April 2nd 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT / 4:00pm UTC

When it comes time to select a datastore for your project, there are a bewildering number of choices. How do you know if your project is a good fit for a relational database, or whether one of the many NoSQL options is a better choice? In this webinar you will learn how to evaluate if MongoDB is a fit for your project. You will see how MongoDB's flexible document model is solving business problems in ways that were not previously possible, and how MongoDB's built-in features allow running at extreme scale. Topics will include evaluating MongoDB's functionality, performance, and scalability, as well as a discussion on how to ensure your organization is prepared to run MongoDB in a production environment. Practical examples and customer stories will be included to help you bootstrap your MongoDB evaluation.

Thomas Boyd: About the speaker

Thomas is the Director of Solutions Architecture for MongoDB where he helps customers with all things MongoDB including cluster setup, schema design, and performance tuning.  Before joining MongoDB, Thomas worked at Oracle and Hewlett-Packard and co-founded OuterBay Technologies, a data management company later acquired by HP.  When not helping customers succeed with MongoDB, Thomas enjoys the occasional soccer game and spending time with his family in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

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