Payments modernization: architectures shaping the future

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April 27, 2023

10am BST, 11am CEST, 12pm IDT, 2:30pm IST, 5pm SGT

The payments landscape is evolving rapidly with customers expecting a connected and secure experience, enhanced value generation and all of this coupled with new and changing standards and regulations. Those institutions that fail to meet these requirements risk losing out on significant revenue.

Payment providers – be it a PSP acquiring consumer transactions or a financial institution with large investment and corporate banking – are challenged with monolithic payment systems that are expensive to maintain and lack the data flexibility and third-party integration capabilities required by modern payment ecosystems.

Data handling and a composable architecture and design are becoming the epicenter. Watch this webinar to learn how MongoDB’s developer data platform offers you the capabilities to create an enriched payments experience by consolidating, ingesting, and acting on payments data instantly, delivering value-added services and features to consumers and business customers.

In this payments modernization webinar on April 27th, we will be covering:

  • The business problems that are changing the way organizations think about data
  • How a modern payments data architecture scales effortlessly, with zero downtime, and analyzes any type of payments data in place and in real time
  • How organizations are meeting industry standards like 3-D Secure 2 with application-driven analytics that enable you to detect and block fraudulent activity
  • Success stories of how organizations have modernized with MongoDB’s operational and analytical data services

We’ll be joined by:

  • Boris Bialek: Managing Director of Industry Solutions, MongoDB

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