Migrate to MongoDB Atlas on AWS: Iterate fast and react quickly

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October 18, 2023

10am BST / 11am CEST

MongoDB Atlas, our Developer Data Platform, allows developers to build and release new features quicker to stay on top of new market trends.

Features such as Atlas Search, Atlas SQL and Online Archive simplify the architecture while enabling powerful Search capabilities, analytics connectivity and cost saving.

With Atlas, no application code changes are necessary when an application needs to scale out from a 10MB to a 500TB dataset.

MongoDB Atlas is well integrated into the AWS environment, and works seamlessly with AWS products.

Join our webinar to learn more about common integration and reference architectures of MongoDB on AWS as well as:

  • Tools to Migrate from a relational database to MongoDB Atlas on AWS such as the Relational Migrator
  • How to Accelerate your shift to a modern developer data platform with Live Migrate.

We will end the session with a demo to show how easy it is to migrate to Atlas using Live Migrate.

This webinar will be conducted by:

  • Luiz Alves: Partner Solutions Architect at MongoDB
  • Battulga Purevragchaa: Partner Solutions Architect at AWS

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