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Drive analytics with application data.

Operational Analytics
Enable rapid insights on live application data while also simplifying the data lifecycle for downstream analytics systems.
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Operational and analytical workloads in a single platform
End users expect insight-driven experiences that don't sacrifice speed. They want an accurate estimated time of arrival in their ride-sharing app, or the price to stay consistent while they’re booking a trip online. These analytical processes must be delivered at application speed in a modern experience.

MongoDB brings both operational (or transactional) and analytical workload types together, while also providing workload isolation and optimization controls for price and performance. Easily build analytically-driven applications in a single, scalable platform.
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Simplify the analytics lifecycle around application data
From ad hoc analysis, to business intelligence dashboards and machine learning, it’s important that your application data be easily extensible for all your analytics needs.

MongoDB provides a suite of unified capabilities and connectors to make data collection and storage, data transformation, decision making, and insight delivery much easier. Blend data across clusters and cloud storage and export in your preferred analytical format or simply connect your favorite BI tool directly to Atlas.

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