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Mainframe Modernization

Modernize key applications from the mainframe to a modern data platform without impacting your core systems.

Illustration of data and reference architecture

Mainframe modernization reference architecture

To modernize legacy workloads and unlock business agility, an increasing number of enterprises are modernizing applications by moving away from the mainframe and towards an operational data layer powered by MongoDB.

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Modernizing away from the mainframe

What is mainframe modernization?

Every organization is reinventing itself as a digital business. Web, mobile, social, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things applications are driving exponential growth of new data. The volume, speed, and diversity of this data are overwhelming mainframe environments. Coupled with pressures to meet new regulatory demands and cut costs, CIOs are challenged by how quickly they can digitalize the business while trying to innovate on top of legacy technologies.

An illustration depicting the storage, transmission, and processing of a large amount of data.
Illustration of the product interface representing operational data layer

Modernizing with an operational data layer

Mainframe modernization is the process of replicating commonly accessed mainframe data to an operational data layer (ODL) built on MongoDB, against which operations are redirected from consuming applications. The existing mainframes are left untouched.

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Why would you modernize the mainframe?

Cost: Redirecting queries away from the mainframe to the ODL significantly reduces costs. Even cutting 20%-30% in MIPS consumption can save $ millions in mainframe operating costs.

Agility: An ODL built on a modern developer data platform helps developers build new apps and digital experiences faster than the mainframe.

User Experience: Meet demands for increasing data volumes and user populations by scaling out on commodity hardware with self-healing replicas to maintain 24x7 service.

Meeting regulatory demands: Meet new regulatory demands cost-effectively and mitigate risk.

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Required platform capabilities

The data platform used to manage the ODL modernization from the mainframe is critical to determining success or failure.

“MongoDB handles more than 20 terabytes of data per day and supports over 80 microservices. We’re currently using the ODL to run our rewards and loyalty programs.”
Nadeem Kayani
EVP/CIO of Consumer Lending, Wells Fargo
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Application Modernization Factory

The Application Modernization Factory (AMF) from MongoDB Professional Services provides advisory consulting, program governance, and application lifecycle expertise — all cultivated from best practices developed with the world’s largest organizations.
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