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Atlas for the Edge

Maintain your always-on experiences with seamless data synchronization between your edge devices, local environments, and the cloud.

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Reliable data, where and when you need it

Edge computing enables critical, real-time use cases that drive operational efficiency, data-driven decision-making, bespoke customer experiences, and more. With Atlas for the Edge, you benefit from having a reliable, unified data layer across your distributed architecture.

Introducing Atlas for the Edge

Ensure that digital actions reflect physical events

Atlas for the Edge allows you to manage data from millions of sensors, smart devices, mobile phones, and kiosks with Atlas Device Sync and SDKs. Ensure uninterrupted access and real-time synchronization of critical data for your edge devices and applications.

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Prevent interruptions to local operations

Enjoy the flexibility to deploy MongoDB at any edge location to improve availability, performance, and costs. Atlas Edge Server allows for localized data management, ensuring consistent operations and seamless synchronization across your connected resources.

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Leverage data insights to drive success

Atlas for the Edge provides a unified data layer that is built on our developer data platform. This gives your distributed architecture a reliable and real-time source of truth, in addition to advanced features like triggers, search, charts, and enterprise-grade security.

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Atlas for the Edge

Atlas for the Edge unifies data across distributed architectures with seamless synchronization between the cloud, edge environments, and devices.

Atlas for the Edge Architecture



“We wanted to build a great inventory management app, but developing at the edge in areas of low connectivity can be a real challenge. MongoDB Atlas removes the barriers that slow down innovation.”
Toheeb Okenla
Staff Software Engineer, Grainger
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Resources for building edge applications

Learn more about how to leverage Atlas for the Edge.
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Get the most out of Atlas

Power more data-driven experiences and insights with the rest of our developer data platform.

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Get started today, or head over to our tutorial to see how you can easily unify the data across your connected infrastructure with Atlas for the Edge.
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Illustration of database connecting to atlas cloud.