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Use Case

Application-Driven Analytics

What is application-driven analytics?

By building smarter apps and increasing the speed of business insights, you can out-innovate your competitors and improve efficiency.

But doing this means you can no longer rely only on copying data out of your operational systems into separate analytics stores. That's because moving data takes too much time.

Instead, analytics processing has to be “shifted left” to the source of your data – to the applications themselves. We call this shift application-driven analytics.

MongoDB Atlas makes it easy to bring analytics into your applications. It unifies the core data services needed to bridge the traditional divide between transactional and analytical workloads in an elegant and integrated data architecture.


An illustration representing analytics driven by applications.

In-App Analytics

End users expect insight-driven experiences that don't sacrifice speed. They want an accurate estimated time of arrival in their ride-sharing app or a hyper-personalized ecommerce shopping experience. These analytical processes must be delivered at application speed in a modern experience, and are sometimes referred to as real-time analytics.

Developers are responsible for infusing analytics into their application logic to create in-app analytics. MongoDB provides the tools and APIs that help them build sophisticated analytics queries. Along with analytics-optimized indexing and storage formats, insights and actions are delivered at low latency with high concurrency.

Real-Time Business Visibility

From simple ad hoc analysis to business intelligence dashboards (often referred to as operational analytics), it’s important that your application data be easily extensible for better, real-time decision making. Data extensibility is also important for machine learning whether that’s model training, serving data for models in production or observability.

MongoDB provides a suite of unified capabilities and connectors to make data collection and storage, data transformation, and insight delivery much easier. Blend data across clusters, cloud storage, and APIs and export in your preferred analytical format or simply connect your favorite BI tool directly to Atlas.

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