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Evernorth Uses MongoDB Atlas to Move CDC Pipeline to the Cloud

Evernorth Health Services, a division of The Cigna Group, is focused on improving health and vitality for approximately 130 million customer relationships, spanning over 30 countries and jurisdictions. This can create significant challenges in managing millions of customers’ data. Evernorth lacked the scalability, fault isolation, and resiliency required at the data layer to handle their most demanding business services as part of their product and modernization agenda, so they quickly moved to an integrated approach.

That is where MongoDB Atlas was able to help the Evernorth team embrace key principles of domain-driven design and microservice architecture, migrating away from legacy systems and constraints. As part of their new integrated approach, MongoDB was chosen as the underlying data platform, which enabled each microservice to have its own private and isolated datastore. In addition, each datastore was deployed with its own change-data API and streaming interface, allowing real-time deltas to flow to and from legacy systems, via CDC (change data capture) events, facilitated by Qlik’s Replicate product and Confluent Kafka.

Evernorth approached this effort with a deliberate data re-platforming strategy on AWS to enable them to incrementally modernize, while at the same time mitigating legacy system constraints, all while keeping the business running 24/7. The use of MongoDB Atlas, coupled with additional tooling from Qlik and MongoDB partner Confluent, helped greatly in simplifying the migration and validation of Evernorth’s most critical data.

Evernorth Principal Engineer and speaker at MongoDB.local Boston 2023, Nilay Sundarkar, said, “I really like the utility that the Atlas folks have. It could really help you move your CDC pipelines to the cloud in a manner that does not affect your consumers.”

For companies like Evernorth, modernization of systems is critical to keeping pace with the industry. By leveraging MongoDB Atlas, Evernorth was able to quickly and effectively transition from legacy systems to microservices. And best of all, it was easy to do.

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