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Bumpp Turbocharges Professional Networking for over 300 Organizations across 14 Countries

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Sales representatives are crucial to any organization as they contribute directly to the bottom line. To generate business leads, they must spend most of their time networking and establishing customer relationships. However, with sales reps spending only 28% of their time on selling and the rest on administrative tasks like note taking, data entry, and lead management, organizations are losing time and opportunities.

Coupled with an uncertain economic climate due to persistent inflation and heightened interest rates, companies are turning to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation and boost sales.

Bumpp, a young Singapore software company, recognized this trend and saw an opportunity to help sales representatives focus more on selling. “We realized that a lot of sales teams hire assistants to alleviate the administrative burden on the team and asked ourselves: Could we create a digital assistant that allows every member of the sales team to focus on business growth?” said Joshua Pang, CEO of Bumpp.

Inspired by that goal, Bumpp developed an AI-powered professional networking solution for enterprises using MongoDB Atlas. Used by over 300 organizations across 14 countries, Bumpp helps the average sales representative save 40% of their time per month with manual tasks like taking meeting notes and scheduling follow-up meetings.

Image showing a Bumpp mobile app for business professionals.

Preparing for exponential customer growth and spikes in demand

Born in 2020, Bumpp’s three founders wanted to make networking a more seamless, efficient process for all businesses. With an ambitious plan for growth, their vision required an IT infrastructure that can simultaneously scale up Bumpp’s services while continuing to onboard customers.

“Even before we officially launched Bumpp, the team knew we needed a scalable and cost-effective database solution that could cope with the increasing number of details being stored in our customers’ CRM systems,” said Pang. Additionally, we wanted our app to track team performance to give our clients an overview of their sales teams’ latest leads, lead statuses, and conversions.”.

The database also needed to handle spikes in demand and frequent data updates, and seamlessly work with Bummp’s preferred cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We have big plans to use AI for helping users establish even stronger connections with prospects. As we continue to innovate and grow our service, MongoDB will be crucial for us to further enhance the customer experience.”

Joshua Pang, CEO of Bumpp


Establishing a solid foundation with a scalable and cost-effective database solution

The search for an appropriate database solution led Bumpp to MongoDB Atlas. Startups in their early stages are often constrained by budgets and resources, which is why Bumpp started its developer data platform journey on MongoDB Atlas’ free pricing tier following a word-of-mouth recommendation. This tier helped Bumpp learn and explore MongoDB and a cloud environment with basic configurable options.

As Bumpp grew, Bumpp benefited from MongoDB Atlas’ elastic scalability, helping the team to fully automate database upgrades with no downtime and auto-scale compute and storage, for example to on-board new users in spikes.

“MongoDB instantly enhanced our customer experience during the 2023 Singapore Fintech Festival, which is the largest FinTech festival in the world. Bumpp experienced a surge in signups after the event, but encountered no issues with onboarding and servicing the 30% increase in active users during that period,” said Pang.

An image showcasing the Bumpp mobile app on a smartphone

Turbocharging the networking process to drive customer experience

Bumpp continues to turbocharge its customers’ networking and contact management processes in Singapore and beyond. Earlier this year, as part of its expansion plans, Bumpp added support for more languages such as Mandarin, Malay, and Bahasa Indonesia. Using MongoDB Atlas from the start has allowed Bumpp to scale its business smoothly as it continues to grow.

Launching more AI features will be crucial to Bumpp’s growth. The team’s familiarity with MongoDB Atlas allows them to significantly reduce time to market and include even more innovative features in its networking app.

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