NoSQL Performance Benchmarks

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NoSQL is a newer category of databases developed to address the limitations of traditional relational databases in meeting Big Data demands. As a category, NoSQL represents a wide variety of technologies that consider the three V’s of Big Data: the exponentially growing volume of data, the velocity in which this data needs to be processed, and the great variety of data being generated by today’s applications.

These demands require a high performance database. So if you’re in the market for a NoSQL database, you should evaluate the technology in terms of performance in meeting workload requirements.

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database with over 40 million downloads and counting. There’s a reason why hundreds of thousands of MongoDB deployments have been built so far and over a third of Fortune 100 companies are using MongoDB. Based on a 2015 benchmarking study, MongoDB demonstrated superior performance over other NoSQL databases when it comes to throughput and latency across multiple configurations.

Why should you choose MongoDB for high performance? Because you need to power online operational applications that require low latency, high throughput, and continuous availability.

MongoDB’s unique Nexus Architecture combines the best features of relational databases:

  • ** Expressive query language ** which allows developers to build powerful features with your data
  • ** Strong consistency ** so your applications can immediately see updates to your data
  • ** Secondary indexes ** offer powerful indexes for quick data navigation

Along with the benefits of NoSQL:

  • ** High performance ** for instantaneous, always-on experiences
  • ** Scalability across ** inexpensive commodity hardware so you can easily grow your application to meet rising demand
  • ** Flexible data model ** that allows you to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your business

Organizations use MongoDB for a wide variety of use cases for their mission critical applications and benefit from a dramatically lower total cost of ownership. To learn more about how MongoDB performs against other NoSQL databases, download our Comparative Benchmarks: MongoDB vs. Couchbase vs. Cassandra.

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