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Building mobile applications requires the latest technology and development practices that can handle the demanding requirements of Big Data. Your application not only needs to handle a large volume of user data, it also needs to process a great variety of unstructured data all in real-time.

MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database, allows you to develop amazing mobile applications that can handle millions, even billions, of users. All in less time and at much lower cost than with decades old relational database technology.

MongoDB is particularly well-suited to support your mobile application platform for these reasons:

  • ** A flexible data model ** means that you can manage any kind of data and make frequent updates to the database without application downtime.
  • ** Scalable to millions of users ** thanks to a native horizontal scale out architecture that easily lets you grow to accommodate additional demand.
  • ** Be able to launch and iterate quickly ** because developers find MongoDB easy to use and a dynamic schema means you can easily to update the database to address changing requirements.

Customers today expect a seamless cross-device experience from your business. Make sure you take advantage of the latest and greatest technology in building your mobile application platform. ADP was able make clients happy by building a personalized mobile app experience for over a million end users on MongoDB. The Weather Channel built a mobile app on MongoDB to provide real-time weather alerts to 40 million users.

These are just two examples of companies who take advantage of MongoDB for mobile. Find out more about how MongoDB can help you develop killer apps that will wow your customers. Download our white paper today.

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