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Internet of Things Applications

The future has arrived. Is your database prepared?

Technology companies are doing some awe-inspiring things with Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IoT describes technology which connects physical assets and devices together to share information and make life easier and more convenient.

IoT devices are processing volumes of data previously unimagined. Bosch, for example, is harnessing data to use in a range of industrial internet of things applications including manufacturing, automotive, retail, and energy. With these sensor-enabled objects, futuristic scenarios have come alive in the ways previously thought impossible. New revenue opportunities abound but only if companies can wrangle that data into something meaningful.

Enter MongoDB, the world’s most popular NoSQL database, to help you make sense of sensor data, building internet of things applications never before possible. All this in less time and with less cost than with alternative technologies.

The advantages of creating an internet of things application with MongoDB:

  • Document data model.

    With MongoDB, you can manage and incorporate data in any structure. This allows for you to launch and iterate on your application without having to start from scratch to meet evolving requirements.

  • Inexpensively scale.

    IoT applications process great volumes of data through sensors so your system will need to scale quickly and cheaply. One of the advantages of MongoDB is the ability to scale out on inexpensive commodity hardware in your data center or in the cloud.

  • Analyze any kind of data with MongoDB.

    Real-time analysis within the database means you don’t get the time delay you normally would processing data through an expensive data warehouse system.

Internet of things applications can spell revolutionary change for your business. Learn more about why IoT is only possible with newer Big Data technology like MongoDB. Download our white paper, Why NoSQL Databases for the Internet of Things: Machina Research, for more insight into the challenges and opportunities for IoT in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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