Dynamic Schema Design

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Schema design determines the way an application handles its data. With traditional relational databases, you must define your schema before you can add any data. This inflexibility means you can’t change your schema as your data, application requirements or business evolves. In today’s world hyper-competitive, global business environment, this can hamper your efforts to innovate and stay on top of the competition.

NoSQL databases arose to address this limitation by allowing you to insert data without a predefined schema. Because of this, you can easily make changes to an application without interruption. The result is more reliable code integration, faster development, and database administration time.

MongoDB provides a document data model that lets you store and combine any type of data while also offering sophisticated data access and rich indexing features. With MongoDB, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time your business requirements change or evolve over time.

To learn more about MongoDB’s dynamic schema design download the white paper or contact us.

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