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Building modern apps should involve equally modern development practices. Development teams now favor agile development practices with small teams working in shorts sprints and pushing out new code in weeks as opposed to months and years. These teams are also using the latest open source software for development, hosting their applications in the cloud, and scaling their deployments over cheap, commodity hardware. By taking advantage of the most recent innovations, developers are able to get their products to market faster and at a lower cost than ever before.

NoSQL databases have become wildly popular among enterprises building modern applications. Typically open source and built for cloud and distributed computing, this latest generation of databases allow for agile development at a much lower cost than with traditional relational databases. MongoDB is the most widely adopted of the NoSQL databases with over 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of deployments.

Developers love MongoDB for its ease of use, and enterprises love MongoDB for its broad applicability to different use cases. The database is unique among the crowded field of NoSQL databases in combining the innovations of NoSQL along with the best features of relational database technology.

MongoDB offers the elements you want from relational databases:

  • ** Expressive query language ** for sophisticated use of your data
  • ** Strong consistency ** to see and process your data in real-time
  • ** Secondary indexes ** for quick navigation of data

And introduces the features that modern developers need from a database:

  • ** Flexible data models ** to easily adjust to changing requirements
  • ** Elastic scalability ** for greater flexibility in meeting system demand
  • ** High performance ** in terms of throughput and latency

For these reasons and more, MongoDB is the database perfectly suited for building modern mobile, social, real-time analytics, and geospatial apps.

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