Big Data Databases

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Data management has become a hot-button issue for enterprises looking to surmount today’s Big Data challenges where the velocity, volume, and variety of data is too much for older technologies to handle. This has given rise to a generation of databases, known as NoSQL, that are built with Big Data requirements in mind.

MongoDB leads this new pack of Big Data databases by harnessing the innovations of NoSQL databases:

  • ** A flexible data model ** meant for modern data that adapts quickly to the changes in your business
  • ** High performance ** to meet the demand for instantaneous, always-on experiences
  • ** Scalability ** for easy and reliable scaling of your application to meet growing demand

While preserving relational features that work well for Big Data applications:

  • ** Expressive query language ** that lets you build powerful features with your data
  • **Strong consistency ** for near real-time updates to your data
  • ** Secondary indexes ** to make navigating your data a breeze

For this reason and more, MongoDB is the most popular and widely adopted Big Data database with over 10 million downloads, a large developer community, and hundreds of thousands of deployments. DB-Engines consistently ranks MongoDB as the most popular non-relational database in its monthly rankings.

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