Best NoSQL Database

The term “NoSQL” is applied to a wide variety of database technologies developed in response to Big Data. Big Data speaks to the rise in volume of data, the speed to which this data needs to be accessed, and the great variety of data types being generated by today’s applications. As a result, many organizations are looking to depart from traditional relational technology to meet these demands.

Selecting the best NoSQL database is not so simple. There are many options to choose from and they share little in common except for the fact that they do not use a relational data model.

In considering which technology has the greatest chance of gaining enterprise-wide support and adoption, you should choose one that serves many different use cases while offering robust features and performance.

For this reason and more, MongoDB has emerged as the clear leader of NoSQL databases with over 10 million downloads and adoption by thousands of enterprises. In fact, MongoDB is consistently ranked the most popular NoSQL database according to the DB-Engines monthly rankings.

Companies choose MongoDB as it provides the best of both relational and NoSQL worlds. With MongoDB, you benefit from the innovations of NoSQL:

  • ** A flexible data model ** that adapts to the ever evolving needs of your business
  • ** High performance ** to power applications that provide instantaneous, always-on user experiences
  • ** Scalability ** to easily grow your application to meet user and business demands

And you get the features that make relational databases a stalwart of database technologies:

  • ** An expressive query ** language to build powerful features with your data
  • ** Strong consistency ** for immediate updates to your data
  • *Secondary indexes * that allow you to navigate your data quickly

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