Alternatives To Relational Databases

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NoSQL embodies different database technologies that were created in response to the evolution of data structures to support the needs of modern applications, including social and mobile apps. Relational databases were not designed with the intention to overcome the challenges that modern technological applications face today.

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database, with over 10,000 downloads, and broad adoption across companies of all sizes and industries. MongoDB addresses a wide range of use cases, including mobile, social, real-time analytics, and geospatial applications.

MongoDB is the only database that combines the innovations of NoSQL with the best features of relational databases:

  • Powerful, expressive query language
  • Rich secondary indexes
  • Strong consistency
  • Flexible data models
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • In-memory performance

Read our free white paper, "Top 5 Considerations," to learn why MongoDB is more widely used than any other NoSQL database. It will help you gain insight into:

  • The right data model: document, key-value, wide column, or graph models
  • The consistency models offered by these systems
  • The requirements for ramping and supporting developers and operations staff

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