Agile Data Model

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The world is moving fast, and organizations are turning to iterative software development practices to stay competitive with global competition. These development methodologies break large software projects into small, discrete tasks, with many checkpoints for the business to provide feedback and to course correct the requirements of the application.

As a result, the data generated by these applications needs to evolve quickly. Traditional data modeling practices can be difficult to apply to modern application data, and they are slow to evolve as your business and requirements change. In contrast, the document data model promotes iterative and adaptive data modeling. With this incremental approach the data model can easily evolve along with your requirements, while simplifying your design and reducing the overall development effort.

An agile data model provides many advantages, including:

  • The model and the data adapt quickly to the evolving needs of the business
  • Existing data can remain "as is" without requiring complex and time consuming updates
  • It simplifies combining data from multiple sources

MongoDB is a document-oriented database designed for modern applications. Engineered for iterative development, MongoDB's dynamic schemas can evolve easily and with no downtime for your application.

To learn more about our agile data model download the white paper or contact us.

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