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Event-Driven Applications

The world moves in real time, and your apps need to do the same. Real-time applications bring digital experiences to life for your customers and speed time to insight for your business.

For customers, real-time apps stand out because they immediately react and respond to the constantly changing world around them. Think:

  • Receiving hyper-personalized offers on an ecommerce site tailored to intent, channel, and location.
  • Balance updates in a banking app as soon as debits and credits are processed.
  • Instantly recalculating route plans to avoid traffic delays caused by a sudden breakdown on the road ahead.

At the same time, you need continuous and instant insights into your digital business. With those insights your systems unlock higher efficiency and profitability by taking intelligent decisions and action on live data in real time, rather than on aged and stale data. Think:

  • Detecting and blocking fraudulent transactions during payment processing.
  • Dynamically adjusting prices and inventory levels in response to volatile market demand.
  • Analyzing sensor telemetry to detect and remediate potential equipment failures, avoiding costly outages.
  • Extracting features from streaming data and feeding them into your machine learning models to make better predictions by using fresher data.

The question is how you can do all of this ahead of your competitors? The answer is what we call event-driven applications.

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