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MongoDB for Retail

Essential elements to ecommerce modernization

IAn illustration of a modern ecommerce experience on a mobile phone with a hand reaching out to sell a watch to a consumer.

With MongoDB, enterprises are enhancing ecommerce experiences and preparing for the growth ahead with better product catalogs, search, and recommendations while slashing costs with real-time analytics in the supply chain, ushering modern retailers into the next generation of online selling.

Learn how MongoDB Atlas is enabling retailers to move to the forefront of ecommerce modernization and delight customers with application-driven insights through a unified, fully- managed, cost-effective developer data platform. Dive into this paper to traverse seven key pillars to providing experiences modern retail consumers have come to love and expect from the businesses they trust.

  1. Building a Modern Product Catalog
  2. Application-Driven Analytics in Retail
  3. Personalization and Search
  4. The Single View: Constructing Customer 360
  5. Getting Loyalty Programs Right with Receipt Mining
  6. Achieving Greener Commerce with Real Time Stock and Inventory Management
  7. Enabling Mobile Solutions and Omnichannel in the Retail Value Chain

Read this complimentary resource for retail industry IT decision makers today.

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