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Modernizing Customer Lifecycle Management

Transforming AML, Fraud Detection, and Sanctions Screening with MongoDB

Customer lifecycle management (CLM) handles customer relationships through every lifecycle stage. With current CLM applications built on rigid relational database management systems (RDBMS), responding to business needs in an ever-changing regulatory environment has become challenging.

To achieve a shorter time to market, most organizations have developed band-aids that lead to technology sprawl and development team silos. Such siloed teams decrease feature velocity, are expensive to operate, and increase the operational overhead. All of these challenges not only result in a terrible customer experience but also expose businesses to regulatory compliance risks.

Read this paper to learn how financial institutions can unlock this gridlock to reduce the time-to-market for their CLM applications by:

  • Speeding up software development with the flexibility and versatility of the document model
  • Consolidating diverse data into a single view without slowing down innovation
  • Scaling dynamically to handle changing business priorities seamlessly
  • Reducing the operational overhead from managing multiple workload-specific technologies, saving TCO, and reducing operational and security risk

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