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MongoDB Professional Certification

Why should your team be professionally certified by MongoDB? Certification is a validation of MongoDB expertise. Certified professionals say that certification provides:

  • Increased confidence in both handling day-to-day tasks and solving problems
  • Deep understanding of the broad benefits of and use cases for MongoDB
  • Startup success using MongoDB
  • Greater career motivation
  • The best incentive to study every aspect of MongoDB
Team Benefits
  • Ensure all team members speak a common language when working with MongoDB
  • Support continuing professional growth by encouraging developers and DBAs to become MongoDB experts
  • Improve productivity

    by ensuring that team members have the skills that they need to work effectively with MongoDB

How to Get Certified

We offer professional certification for both Developers and DBAs. Exams are conducted online and last 90 minutes, with questions formatted as multiple choice. We hold exam periods on a monthly basis – check the schedule at MongoDB University.

In order to pass a certification exam, ensure you know all of the required material. Topics include:

  • MongoDB’s design philosophy and architecture
  • CRUD operations
  • Data modeling
  • Indexing and performance
  • Aggregation
  • Replication
  • Sharding

How should you prepare? Free online courses from MongoDB University or private training provide a good foundation of skills. We suggest preparing for the exam using other resources as well; once you’re registered for an exam, you’ll have access to a detailed study guide to help you review.

Sign Up Now

You can register for an exam online or contact us to learn about other options for signing up.

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