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MongoDB 4.4: Guide to What’s New

MongoDB 4.4 delivers the features and enhancements most demanded by you.

The result is a database that enables you to build transactional, operational, and analytical applications faster than any other, to scale them out globally, with the flexibility to define and refine data distribution at any time as your requirements evolve. All while giving you the most sophisticated latency and security controls anywhere in the cloud.

In this guide, we cover the key enhancements in MongoDB 4.4.

MongoDB Query Language and Drivers:

  • Union aggregation pipeline stage to blend data from multiple collections for deeper exploration and analysis.

  • Custom Aggregation Expressions to extend MongoDB with your own functions, executed as part of an aggregation pipeline.

  • Global Read and Write Concerns to configure cluster-wide read isolation and write durability guarantees.

  • New Rust and Swift drivers.

Scale-Out Flexibility and Performance

  • Refinable Shard Keys to define and refine your shard keys at any time, with no system downtime.

  • Compound Hashed Shard Keys that more evenly distribute load across shards without losing data locality.

  • Hedged Reads minimize p95 and p99 latencies by submitting read requests to multiple replicas and returning results as soon as the quickest node responds.

  • Simultaneous Indexing and Streaming Replication that reduce replica lag to serve fresher data to your users.

Resilience and Security

  • Mirrored Reads that pre-warm the caches of secondary replicas to reduce the impact of primary elections following an outage or after planned maintenance.

  • Resumable Initial Sync to make it easier and faster to scale-out when adding new replicas or recover nodes that have fallen too far behind the rest of the cluster.

  • AWS IAM Authentication that simplifies cloud-native security by reusing existing regular and temporary Amazon IAM credentials when connecting to MongoDB Atlas

  • TLS 1.3 and 50% faster client authentication to MongoDB

Download the Guide to learn more and get started with MongoDB 4.4

You can try out MongoDB 4.4 today on our fully-managed Atlas service.

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