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Amazon DocumentDB Deployment Flexibility

Amazon’s DocumentDB relies on AWS’s proprietary technology, so there is no way to run the database outside of AWS, presenting organizations with deep platform lock-in and high AWS dependence, and limiting themselves to just those AWS regions that the service is available in. DocumentDB users cannot exploit innovations available on other cloud services.

How MongoDB is Different: Freedom to Run Anywhere

MongoDB can be run from developer laptops to mainframes to private clouds to the public cloud, and with MongoDB Atlas, as a fully managed service available on 110+ regions from the three main public cloud vendors, including AWS itself. With hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, developers and enterprises have ultimate and unmatched flexibility and choice.

Unlike DocumentDB, MongoDB adheres to the same semantics wherever it is run. The developer experience is entirely unaffected by the chosen deployment model; similarly, teams responsible for standing up databases, maintaining them, and optimizing performance can also leverage a unified set of tools that deliver the same consistent experience across different environments. This allows organizations to adopt cloud computing at their own pace. They can also use the Atlas free tier, available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to evaluate, develop, and test apps against MongoDB.