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NoSQL Database Implementation

NoSQL databases have grown in popularity with the rise of Big Data applications. In comparison to relational databases, NoSQL databases are much cheaper to scale, capable of handling unstructured data, and better suited to current agile development approaches.

The advantages of NoSQL technology are compelling but the thought of replacing a legacy relational system can be daunting. To explore the possibilities of NoSQL in your enterprise, consider a small-scale trial of a NoSQL database like MongoDB. NoSQL databases are typically open source so you can download the software and try it out for free. From this trial, you can assess the technology without great risk or cost to your organization.

There are many NoSQL options to choose from but MongoDB is the only database that combines the innovations of NoSQL with the strongest elements of traditional relational databases. It’s perhaps one of the reasons why MongoDB has become the most popular NoSQL technology with over 10 million downloads and consistent top ranking on DB-Engines .

MongoDB offers the benefits of NoSQL databases:

  • A flexible data model that allows for expedient adaptation to the changing business requirements

  • High performance to support the real-time, always on user experience customers demand

  • Scalability to easily grow your application to meet demand

Along with the best of relational databases:

  • An expressive query language for building powerful features with your data

  • Strong consistency for real-time updates to your data

  • Secondary indexes for quick data navigation MongoDB has helped organizations from cutting-edge startups to the largest companies transform their businesses by leveraging their data. All this is offered at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases. Read more about how to implement MongoDB in your enterprise by downloading our white paper.

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