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NoSQL Database Challenges

Enterprises rely on decades old relational database technology for many good reasons. Relational databases often support long-standing, mission-critical applications and have robust technology and expert support. But as Big Data use cases and applications continually emerge, companies are turning to NoSQL database technology to satisfy their requirements.

NoSQL databases offer many benefits over traditional relational technology including a more flexible data model, horizontal scalability, and superior performance. But along with these benefits comes certain NoSQL database challenges.

One trade off is the lack of certain fundamental features that make relational databases so useful for generations of applications. Another challenge with NoSQL technology is that many of these databases serve niche use cases and cannot be applied to a broad variety of needs within the enterprise.

MongoDB is unique in a crowded field of NoSQL databases. You benefit from all the innovations of NoSQL with MongoDB while still enjoying the fundamentals of relational technology. It is also a general purpose database so you can use MongoDB to address many different use cases.

MongoDB offers the features that serve modern applications:

  • Flexible data models that allow you to easily adjust to ever changing requirements

  • Elastic scalability that accommodates varying system demand

  • High performance in terms of throughput and latency

While preserving the powerful elements of relational technology:

  • Expressive query language that enables sophisticated use of your data

  • Strong consistency for you to view and process data in real-time

  • Secondary indexes for quick navigation of data

Developers love MongoDB for its ease of use and enterprises love MongoDB for its broad applicability to different use cases. If you’re evaluating which NoSQL technology to invest in, read our white paper to better understand the criteria for selecting the right database for your requirements.

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