MongoDB Private Training

Private Onsite Training

MongoDB University instructors will deliver a training program on your premises suited to your company's needs. Classes are limited to 12 students. Contact MongoDB University to schedule a private training session at your company.

Advanced Data Modeling Training

Advanced Data Modeling Training is lead by a MongoDB Engineer and will enhance your ability to model data efficiently using documents in MongoDB. Though a series of schema design exercises, we cover common application use cases and teach you how to design a scalable and performant data model in MongoDB. You will also learn to use MongoDB's rich set of operators, options for updating and inserting documents, managing document growth, and document removal. Lastly, students learn how to optimize performance vis-a-vis indexing, optimal read preference, write concern and sharding. To schedule a training session, contact MongoDB University.

Advanced Operations Training

Advanced Operations Training is designed for DBAs and others responsible for maintaining MongoDB applications. The instructor leads students through a series of hands-on scenarios that represent potential issues encountered during the normal operation of MongoDB. Each scenario exercises and develops skills in critical areas such as diagnostics, troubleshooting, maintenance, performance tuning, and disaster recovery. By working through these scenarios in a controlled environment, students develop the ability to confidently and effectively work through issues in production MongoDB systems. For more details, see the syllabus. To schedule a training session, contact MongoDB University.

Private On-Demand Training

Included with MongoDB Enterprise, the online education curriculum is also available in a private learning environment with direct access to instructors. Developers and DBAs can study at their own pace without waiting for the next public class. They can collaborate securely with their peers and the instructor, discussing their own projects and data. Managers can use administrator views to monitor the progress of their teams through the class.