What We Sell

PublishedNovember 8, 2017
Host(s)Mike Rioux

With over 30,000 downloads per day, and over 30 million downloads since we started, MongoDB is known worldwide as the foremost document-oriented, nonrelational database.

However, many members of the community are unaware that, behind this great piece of software is a company of over 800 MongoDB employees. This team not only builds and supports the open source version of MongoDB, but also develops and sells advanced tooling to make it easy for more than 4,300 customers—including 50% of the Fortune 100—to unleash the power of their data with MongoDB.

In this session we cover what MongoDB sells, including:

  • The difference between MongoDB Community and MongoDB Enterprise
  • An introduction to Cloud and Ops Manager
  • An overview of our Connector for BI
  • A look at Compass, the GUI for MongoDB
  • A beginner’s guide to MongoDB Atlas, our managed database service, and MongoDB Stitch, your managed backend in the cloud

We also cover the support and professional services we offer that keeps our 4,300+ customers in more than 85 countries around the world up and running smoothly.