Webinar: Live Data Visualisation with Tableau and MongoDB

PublishedJanuary 13, 2016
Host(s)Andrew Morgan, David Spezia

MongoDB 3.2 introduces a new way for familiar Business Intelligence (BI) tools to access your real-time operational data – opening it up to data analysts and data scientist, enabling new insights to be discovered faster than ever before. Tableau accesses the JSON document data stored in MongoDB via this new BI connector. We will cover how the BI connector works by creating a relational view definition of a JSON data set that is then used to present a tabular SQL/ODBC interface to Tableau. Then we will set-up a live connection from Tableau Desktop to the MongoDB Connector for BI. Once we have Tableau Desktop and MongoDB connected, we will demonstrate the visual power of Tableau to explore the agile data storage of MongoDB. This webinar will cover:

  • What is the MongoDB BI Connector?
  • Setting up a connection from Tableau to the MongoDB BI Connector.
  • How to perform data discovery Tableau connected to MongoDB live data.
  • Publishing a Tableau Dashboard for sharing insights.

For information on setting up and connecting the BI connector visit here.

Want more MongoDB? The MongoDB Connector for BI lets you use MongoDB as a data source for your SQL-based BI and analytics platforms, find out more.

MongoDB Connector for BI

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