Webinar: Introducing the Spark Connector for MongoDB

PublishedJuly 27, 2016
Host(s)Bryan Reinero, Jason Ma
Learn how to build new classes of sophisticated, real-time analytics by combining Apache Spark, the industry's leading data processing engine, with MongoDB, the industry’s fastest growing database.

We live in a world of “big data.” But it isn’t just the data itself that is valuable – it’s the insight it can generate. How quickly an organization can unlock and act on that insight has become a major source of competitive advantage. Collecting data in operational systems and then relying on nightly batch extract, transform, load (ETL) processes to update the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is no longer sufficient.

In this live session, we show you how MongoDB and Spark work together and provide examples using the new Spark Connector for MongoDB.

(Download the Spark Connector here.)

This session was sponsored by Stratio & Paradigma.

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