Unmortgage your mortgage processes with data

PublishedSeptember 8, 2021


Modernizing the mortgage process

Historically, mortgages were one of the most paper driven processes in banking, affecting the overall customer experience.

Today, with competition high for customers' signatures, the best rates alone are not the only thing being considered. Customers expect the ‘right here, right now’ experience and if they are unable to get this from one company, they will look for another.

True differentiation is achieved through personalized engagements. These are created by utilizing the knowledge you have about the potential/current customer and putting this to use to tailor engagements to each individual. Loan Origination Systems are becoming a key component of the acquisition process. That change requires a different thinking for the line of business and the IT teams around them.

In this on-demand panel discussion we will discuss:

  • Things that make a customer relationship truly successful
  • Value of real-time information at every touchpoint in the customer journey
  • How to modernize the mortgage process and improve experiences
  • Areas to accelerate your journey to a modern, flexible mortgage infrastructure

You will hear from:

Alex Hamilton, Deputy Editor FinTech Futures.

Boris Bialek, Global Head of Industry Solutions, MongoDB

Paul Holmes-Higgin, Chief Product Officer, Flowable

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