presentation 2020 Keynote

PublishedJune 9, 2020

Join us at MongoDB .Live as we showcase the latest breakthroughs and milestones in our unwavering pursuit of our foundational mission: to make data stunningly easy to work with, to accelerate your development, to reduce the need for boilerplate code, and to keep you seamlessly up-to-date.

The future belongs to applications that enable continuous engagement and access to massive amounts of real-time data. Business decisions will hinge on the availability of instantaneous insight into all that data -- along with the ability to effortlessly synchronize across platforms. We're giving developers a new, holistic data platform for building applications: MongoDB Cloud.

Follow along as our team shows off the most recent improvements in MongoDB Atlas, the most widely available cloud database, MongoDB Realm, which automates and simplifies the way you leverage data across all the layers of an application, and MongoDB Charts, which understands your data and lets you visualize it right where it lives. MongoDB Server is reaching version 4.4 this summer, and we’ve got some really exciting things to preview with you.

We built a real-life application that demonstrates exactly what we mean by a data platform at every layer of the stack. And because we'd rather do something good while demonstrating how easy it is to build applications with the MongoDB cloud platform, we've partnered with WildAid, whose marine division is committed to protecting the ocean -- our planet's most important habitat. The WildAid app uses Realm to sync data from mobile devices to Atlas and back automatically, Atlas search to provide search functionality, Charts for visualization, and much more.

MongoDB is now the database of choice for millions of developers and tens of thousands of businesses across the world. Discover the new ways MongoDB continues to remove the pains of working with data, allowing you to focus on your vision and freeing your genius.