MongoDB Europe 2016 - Choosing Between 100 Billion Travel Options – Instant Search From Amadeus

PublishedNovember 15, 2016

Travellers are demanding more exhaustive, accurate, and relevant results when they search for flights, and they want these results instantly – even when there can be 100 Billion travel options for a single trip. Amadeus’s “Instant Search” feature was built to meet those requirements. These searches are not trivial. Several terabytes of constantly evolving data is needed to reply instantly to questions like, “I live in Frankfurt, where can I go this weekend for €200?” “What’s the cheapest and most convenient flight for a MongoDB Europe attendee?” This technical session will show you how Amadeus integrated MongoDB into its system, and how it allowed us to handle huge numbers of updates and searches in a high-volume system, to deliver the next generation of flight search products. It will cover topics such as how we discovered which extra indexes were needed, how we were able to get the balancer to meet our needs, and how we modelled our data for optimal performance.

Loïc Cretin, Manager Software Development, Amadeus and Pierre Petitprez, Software Developer, Amadeus
MongoDB Europe 2016