MongoDB selected as core data service for VMware's newly announced Cloud Foundry platform as a service (PaaS) offering

Today 10gen and VMware announced that VMware will distribute MongoDB as a core database service for its newly launched Cloud Foundry open PaaS.

Cloud Foundry represents a new generation of application platform, architected specifically for cloud computing environments and delivered as a service from enterprise datacenters and from public cloud service providers. Cloud Foundry streamlines the delivery of applications, significantly enhancing the ability of developers to deploy, run and scale their applications in cloud environments while embracing the widest range of public and private clouds, industry-standard high productivity developer frameworks and application services. With its horizontally scalable architecture, MongoDB is revolutionizing development in the cloud and is ideally suited for the Cloud Foundry platform.

We built and deployed a sample application in less than a day on the Cloud Foundry platform. It's a version of the tutorial that includes a simple contest where users can enter their contact information to win a MongoDB mug or backpack. We were impressed with how easy it is to use Cloud Foundry. This platform enables developers to deploy in literally seconds.

For more information about developing MongoDB apps on Cloud Foundry, please check out the documentation page on We’ll be adding more details, tips, and tricks over the coming weeks.

10gen’s EVP Products & Engineering, Roger Bodamer, participated in a live webcast about Cloud Foundry. You can view the recording at

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