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MongoDB & Capgemini

Capgemini uses automated intelligence to optimize data migration, data comparison and validation to migrate legacy systems to MongoDB Atlas.


MongoDB for Modernization

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting and digital transformation, technology and engineering solutions.

Traditional Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) often inhibit performance, falter under heavy volumes and slow down deployment. Capgemini and MongoDB are partnering to help re-envision data and advance business processes so companies can focus on innovation

With MongoDB’s document-based, distributed database, however, performance and volume issues are easily addressed. But when it comes to speeding up time to market? Capgemini, provides the final piece of the puzzle with a new tool rooted in automated intelligence.

Database Convert & Compare (DCC)

Capgemini’s new Database Convert & Compare (DCC) tool guides clients through end-to-end migrations off of expensive mainframes to MongoDB’s document-based database. DCC handles every step along the way from source database schema assessments to schema migrations and data migrations.