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MongoDB 3.4
Your Database Evolved

In the age of digital transformation and disruption, your ability to thrive depends on how you adapt to the constantly changing environment.

MongoDB 3.4 is the latest release of the leading database for modern applications, a culmination of native database features and enhancements that will allow you to easily evolve your solutions to address emerging challenges and use cases.

Empowering Innovation Across Your Mission-Critical Apps

Don’t let traditional databases impede your digital transformation goals. With MongoDB 3.4, you’re able to harness the latest advancements in database technology for driving innovation across your most mission-critical apps.

Your data where you need it

MongoDB Zones make it even easier to precisely control data placement across your distributed database cluster. For maintaining geographic data locality, implementing tiered storage, or ensuring continuous service availability across data centers, MongoDB Zones provides you the most sophisticated data partitioning policies of any database.

Elastic Scalability

MongoDB 3.4 introduces faster auto-balancing of data across nodes, faster replica set synchronization, and intra-cluster network compression to help you efficiently respond to dynamic application demands.

Tunable Consistency Controls

MongoDB 3.4 extends your control over how queries are routed across a distributed cluster with Secondary Consistency Control and the ability to configure linearizable reads, allowing you to precisely optimize data access patterns based on your application requirements.

Run MongoDB Anywhere

MongoDB 3.4 features extended platform support. You can now run MongoDB anywhere – from ARM processors through to commodity x86 CPUs, all the way up to IBM Power and zSeries platforms.

Enhanced & Simplified Security Management

MongoDB Enterprise Server now supports LDAP authorization, allowing you to centrally define and manage user access controls.

Control access to sensitive data with read-only views that automatically filter or mask data based on user access privileges.

VPC peering in MongoDB Atlas, our hosted database service, allows you to create an extended, private network for your app servers and backend databases.

Multi Model Done Right

Modern, data-driven apps demand more from their databases – from simple key-value lookups to complex analytics, aggregations, and graph traversals, through to rich search queries over key-value, document, graph and tabular data. Through its rich and flexible data model, coupled with its expressive query language, MongoDB brings support for multiple data management requirements within a single, integrated database framework.

Native Graph Processing

Discover patterns & uncover connections. The $graphLookup operator enables native graph processing in MongoDB so you can efficiently traverse trees, graphs, and hierarchical data without relying on a single-purpose graph database.

Multi-language Collations

MongoDB 3.4 reduces the need for external search engines with support for collations — the rules governing text comparisons and sorting — for over 100+ languages and locales.

Improved Native Analytics

Additions to the aggregation framework include faceted navigation for richer search, and new expressions and optimizations to help you unlock real-time insights from data as it arrives.

New support for the decimal data type brings improved precision to the processing of financial and scientific data.

Optimized Connectors for BI & Spark

The MongoDB Connector for BI has been upgraded to push more work to the database, allowing you to get faster insights from industry leading BI tools such as Tableau or BusinessObjects.

The MongoDB Connector for Spark now works with Spark 2.0 (including support for DataFrames, SparkSession, SparkSQL, and SparkR), letting you apply the latest innovations to your analytics pipelines.

Modernized Tooling

To preserve existing investments in skills and enterprise infrastructure standards, MongoDB is provided with extensive tooling for data modeling and systems management. MongoDB 3.4 introduces significant enhancements to these tools, enabling you to ship new applications faster with less effort and cost, while gaining greater oversight and control over your entire IT estate.

MongoDB Compass: The GUI for MongoDB

MongoDB Compass now grants you the ability to modify documents, create data validation rules, and efficiently optimize query performance with visual explain plans, index usage details, and run-time statistics from the server. Conduct all of these tasks from a simple and intuitive GUI.

MongoDB Ops Manager: Operational Management for DevOps

The new Ops Manager allows your teams to ship apps faster in private cloud environments with support for pre-provisioned server pools and Cloud Foundry. In addition, you can now set up MongoDB Zones, LDAP, and encrypted backups from the updated UI. Finally, Ops Manager features higher resolution telemetry, letting you more effectively manage the health of your clusters.

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