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MongoDB Atlas takes the incredibly satisfying experience you had the first time you downloaded MongoDB on your laptop, and brings it to the cloud. Through a fully managed database service, Atlas allows you to easily deploy, operate, and scale your databases with a few clicks. It also provides cloud-only capabilities, like triggers for real-time and global clusters for low-latency access anywhere in the world.

Migrate your MongoDB databases to MongoDB Atlas, quickly and securely with the Live Migration Service. Whether you are using third-party database-as-a-service providers, or you have existing deployments on AWS, Azure or GCP, the Live Migration Service minimizes downtime to your application by keeping your source database fully operational during the migration process.

Check out the step-by-step guides to a no downtime migration:

  • Migrating a self-managed MongoDB replica set on AWS
  • Migrating a self-managed MongoDB replica set on Azure
  • Migrating from mLab
  • Migrating from Compose

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