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What you'll learn:

Best practices for building scalable and performant applications on MongoDB.

How to use MongoDB's serverless platform and cloud-hosting solutions to streamline app development and administration.

Automation, monitoring, backup, and security for MongoDB deployments large and small.

Everything you need to get started with Data Analytics and Machine Learning in MongoDB clusters.

The ins and outs of MongoDB 4.0, including how and when to use multi-document ACID transactions, new query language features, and the powerful new aggregation pipeline builder.

Check out some of the speakers joining us on tour!

Eliot Horowitz
CTO & Co-founder, MongoDB
Tom Spitzer
VP of Engineering, EC Wise
Jane Fine
Director, Product Marketing, MongoDB
Keith Bostic
Sr. Staff Engineer, MongoDB
Grigori Melnik
VP of Products, Server, and Enterprise Tools, MongoDB
Ani Hammond
Formerly of Bazaarvoice
Asya Kamsky
Lead Product Manager, MongoDB

Attendee Quote:

It was fun to see so many people from the MongoDB community in one place, and all of the talks and presentations were very engaging.

Attendee Quote:

MongoDB conferences are great to meet the people who develop MongoDB and its ecosystem, as well as fellow MongoDB users. It‘s also a way to expand your horizon and discover new use cases to build new products or improve existing ones. Even if you don't already use MongoDB, getting to know the database's strengths and weaknesses is a good way of investigating whether MongoDB is a fit in a product's architecture.

Attendee Quote:

Very good presentations. After 5 years of MongoDB dev, I still learned new stuff. Great!

Build for Better Insights

Extract real-time insights with our growing ecosystem of tools and easily integrate the database with emerging AI and ML services.

Build Faster

Use MongoDB’s document model to bring new features and products to market faster than ever before.

Attendee Quote:

The 'Introduction to MongoDB' session was a good starter for someone with limited acquaintance with MongoDB.

Attendee Quote:

My favorite parts were the chance to hear about upcoming developments as well as MongoDB internal team giving details on current features and best practices.

Attendee Quote:

This event had everything, code demos, explanations of database technologies, and the decision making behind the technology – all of which was a great help. As were the in-depth and developer focused presentations.