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Structured Streaming with MongoDB

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  • Overview
  • Configuring a Write Stream to MongoDB
  • Configuring a Read Stream from MongoDB
  • Examples
  • Stream to MongoDB from a CSV File
  • Stream to your Console from MongoDB

Spark Structured Streaming is a data stream processing engine you can use through the Dataset or DataFrame API. The MongoDB Spark Connector enables you to stream to and from MongoDB using Spark Structured Streaming.


Spark Structured Streaming and Spark Streaming with DStreams are different.

To learn more about Structured Streaming, see the Spark Programming Guide.

Reading a stream from a MongoDB database requires continuous processing, an experimental feature introduced in Spark version 2.3. To learn more about continuous processing, see the Spark documentation.

The following examples show Spark Structured Streaming configurations for streaming to and from MongoDB.

To stream data from a CSV file to MongoDB:

To stream data from MongoDB to your console:

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